Extended School Year Planning Ideas: Week 2 -Beach

Extended School Year Plan:

  • ESY Week 1: Garden
  • ESY Week 2: Beach
  • ESY Week 3: Picnic (coming July 17th)
  • ESY Week 4: Zoo (coming July 24th)
  • ESY Week 5: Camping (coming July 31st)

The first week back was exhausting. I honestly think teletherapy is so much more tiring than in-person therapy. To fit everyone in (because of challenges with group therapy) I am going, going, going (err…sitting, sitting, sitting) for hours straight!

I also think with in-person therapy there is greater flexibility with regard to location and materials, so I don’t have to be “on” all the time. In-person therapy comes a bit more natural to me, so it uses less cognitive load.

As with all things, there is a transition period each time my schedule changes. I am sure I will be used to teletherapy and waking up early again…just in time for extended school year to end and mini-summer vacation 2 to begin.

Anyways, I am ready for week two of Extended School Year, I will be using a Beach theme (which is where I wish I was this week!)! Click the image below to download this week’s therapy planning guide with clickable links.

Thanks for reading!

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